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Working Alongside Dogs

If you’ve never heard of conservation dogs, you might be wondering how the “F” we came into this work. The answer is simple. WE. LOVE. DOGS! And, we’re equally amazed by their innate sniffing abilities. So, it was a natural solution—in more ways than one—when we decided to work alongside our talented doggos to help save the planet we feel a deep responsibility to sustain.



Although we leverage the power of our dogs' noses to advance conservation, our dogs are much more than tools. They’re our beloved family. Each Canine Finder lives with their Canine Keeper in a permanent, loving home.

“Ideally, family members know without doubt they are loved, respected, and treated kindly. That’s why reward-based teaching is our required methodology. We love our dogs and we want them to feel that at all times.”

CDCI Canine Keeper, Laura Holder

LJH 05-2020-9523.jpg
LJH 05-2020-9262.jpg


Smelling the world through a dog’s nose opens a magical realm of possibilities to help heal the earth. Our Canine Finder-Keeper teams are naturally curious, adventurous souls, making them great partners in our pursuit of planet protection.

“I used to dread leaving my dog at home when I’d leave for work. Now we work together and we both love it! We’re sniffing for a purpose.”

CDCI Canine Keeper, Clairess Frederick


Even though we’re doing a job, our teams don’t feel like fieldwork is... work. Is what we do challenging? Yes. But we’re having so much fun when doing it, we decided to build our entire organization on a rock-solid foundation of joy!

“When you witness our dogs performing their jobs, they’re at home. They’re doing what they were born to do. They’re dogs with jobs who’ve never worked a day in their lives.”

CDCI Canine Keeper, Jo Lock

LJH 05-2020-9754.jpg

Photos courtesy of Lindsay Hayward

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