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National Conservation Dog Day

Join us every January 19th to celebrate the incredible dogs who are helping advance conservation through scent detection of endangered, invasive, and elusive species.


With their odor-finding expertise, willingness to work, and ability to create unbreakable bonds, dogs (or "Finders," as we call them) are the perfect fit to work alongside humans to collect useful and reliable data for field scientists—and they do it in record time while having a low impact on the earth. These amazing beings deserve a day to celebrate their hard work!


Conservation Dogs Everywhere

Our organization is proud to be the creator of the official Conservation Dog Day holiday! On this day, January 19th, we celebrate the incredible work of conservation dogs who use their noses to protect the planet's health. From locating endangered species to sniffing out illegal wildlife trade, conservation dogs are working hard to ensure the health of our planet around the world. We are dedicated to training and supporting these amazing dogs and their handlers, and we urge everyone to join us in celebrating the official Conservation Dog Day.
Image by Sarah Loach


Your Own Amazing Dog

All fellow dog lovers and their super-sniffer sidekicks are encouraged to join in the celebration in a big way through our #makeasnifference Scent Games curated by the Conservation Dogs Collective Finder crew!


In the Community

Our Finder’s noses are quite notable! Thank you to the news and media who have helped get the word out about National Conservation Dog Day.

WOSH 93.9FM with Phil Cianciola
WHBY AM Fox Valley with B.J. DeGroot

Make a SNIFFerence Today!

Support conservation dogs by Become a Pawsability Partner.

Your $5/month gift will help our Finders continue the planet paw-tecting work they love.

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