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Work with Us

Our passion lies within the partnerships and programs we are involved with through our Finder-Keeper teams. If you are a researcher, biologist, university, land manager, or other state, federal, public, or private entity, we would love to talk with you about how you can include conservation dogs in your project. 

To take the first step, decide which of these sets of questions resonate most with you.

Once we have a better understanding of your needs, we'll get in touch with you!

Are you...

  • experienced with using a conservation dog on a current or past project?

  • looking for expert guidance with a study design that uses conservation dogs?

  • needing to hire a team and already have funding secured or a budget in mind for your project?

  • willing to collect and ship species appropriate samples to train our Finders?

LJH 05-2020-9100.jpg

Are you...

  • using a conservation dog team for the first time?

  • in the early phases of planning your study design?

  • curious whether or not your project goals are a good fit for a conservation dog?

  • looking for budgetary costs to hire a conservation team?

  • unsure how conservation dogs can help collect data for your project?

  • not sure where to begin?

While our Finder-Keeper Teams call the Midwest region home, we will travel to other regions for project work. If we cannot directly help you with your project, we are connected with several reputable colleagues and are more than happy to refer you to an appropriate organization. 

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