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Conservation Dog Fieldwork Tools

Whether you're an experienced conservation dog handler or just getting started in the field, we've developed some expert tools to assist you in making your work the best it can be.

The first publication of its kind for conservation dog-handler teams!

The Conservation Dog Team Project Record & The Guide Book - Print & Digital Formats!

The Conservation Dog Team Project Record and related Guide Book are invaluable resources to record information related to a specific conservation project, whether you're a seasoned conservation dog team professional or early-career handler looking to record relevant information for specific conservation projects.

What's inside?
  • Definitions of terminology used 
  • Forms to record data about your project
  • Questionnaires for planning dog training, field deployment, and project objectives
  • Records for training aid acquisition and storage 
  • Records for dog training sessions
  • Records for field deployment searches
  • Post-project review and performance analysis charts, and more!


Arden Blumenthal.jpg
"The Conservation Dog Team Project Record developed by Conservation Dogs Collective will be an incredible asset to me as a conservation detection dog handler and program manager. Everything I need to document as a practitioner is in one place, clearly organized, and follows my natural workflow from a project's inception through its completion."

Arden Blumenthal, Conservation Dogs Program Coordinator
New York New Jersey Trail Conference
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