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Board of Directors

Since 2017 Conservation Dogs Collective has been overseen by a group of dedicated, volunteer board members. We are always on the lookout for amazing people to serve on our board. Are you interested?

CDCI's Advisory Board

  • Judy Cardin

  • Emily M. Chester, Ph.D.

  • Alli Dunlop, DVM, CVA, CCRT

  • Sharlene Kipfer, MPA

  • Joy Nonnweiler PhD, Esq.

  • Dr. Lori Rockwell DVM, CCRT, KPA-CTP

  • Shelby Klein, CPA

  • Louise Wilson

Former Board Members

  • Leah Neuroth

  • Elizabeth Giddens, Ph.D.

  • Maria Muradas, MS

  • Joe Clohessy

  • Anna Nusbaum, MD

  • Natalie Dutack, MS

  • Jen Patel

  • Tracie Feest

  • Carly Irland

  • Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

  • Shana Magill, CPA, MBA

  • John Janssen, PhD

  • Lisa Kluslow, DVM, CVA, VSMT, CCRT, CVCH

  • Dr. rer. nat. Gerlinde Höbel

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