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Corporate Sponsorships

We believe the world is better when organizations partner together. CDCI's passion for the environment, coupled with our love for dogs and all they give to us, drive our teams into action every day.

Together, we can make an even bigger difference. Please contact our team with any questions—we look forward to discussing a mutually beneficial partnership with you!


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$20,000 plus:
CDCI Guardian

If you’re like us, you know just how special our Canine Finders are. They are truly superheroes—advancing conservation, one wet nose at a time. The bond we share with our Finders is second to none, and our love for our planet is the same—But we cannot do this important work without sponsors like you. You understand the importance of these bonds and relationships. That's why we'd love to hear from you to see what kind of Superhero you’d like to be for Finders.


Contact us to become a CDCI Guardian today. In return, you’ll receive an unforgettable gift.

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Finder's Best Friend

This VIP package gives our Canine Finder-Keeper teams full support for a project. This includes the canine wellness care you would expect for your own dog—both in and out of the field—plus food, toys, treats, project-specific protective gear, and an emergency care fund. As a best friend, you'll be ensuring the safety and comfort of our Finder-Keeper teams, so they can focus on protecting the planet we both love, sniff by sniff.

Finder's Best Friends receive: 

  • All of the Sniffer Superstar perks, 

  • A personal, virtual meeting with a Canine Finder of your choice (ask ‘em anything you want, or ask for them to learn a new trick just for you!)

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Sniffer's Superstar

Supports a Canine Finder's TLC wellness, plus complementary therapy, such as chiropractic care. In addition they'll receive monthly food and a very special toy from you! With an attuned body and mind, they'll be able to stay happily focused for hours as they locate elusive species.

Sniffer's Superstars receive: 

  • All of the Canine Confidant perks,

  • CDCI swag bag curated by a Canine Finders, and

  • Your business mentioned on our social media and in our email newsletters 4x/year.

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Canine's Confidant

Supports a Canine Finder’s annual wellness exams, bloodwork screening, and appropriate preventative care to protect them from parasites, ticks & fleas. And a monthly dental bone. With a clean bill of health and protection, they can use their noses to advance conservation, one wet nose at a time.

Canine's Confidants receive:

  • All of the Pup's Pal perks, and

  • Your business logo and link listed on our website

Labrador Retriever Puppy, Betty White

Pup's Pal

Supports a Canine Finder’s annual wellness exams, which includes lots of tasty treats during their exams. When our Finder's are in tip-top shape, they can locate more invasive and endangered species with every sniff.

Pup's Pals receive: 

  • Quarterly messages from one of our Canine Finders where they tell you secrets they can’t tell their keeper, and

  • A warm welcome letter from a Finder! 

Current Corporate Sponsors

We would like to thank our community and corporate partners for their generous support of the work our Canine Finder-Keeper teams and staff are doing.
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