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2023 Annual Review


Thank You for Treating Your Team!

Your support powered our Finder-Keeper teams through 2023, our most successful year yet and we know you’re digging for more dirt to get to know your team. 

  • Buggin’ Out. On August 18th, Finder Betty White and Keeper Laura both get stung by ground bees on their last day of bumblebee nest fieldwork. Guess who made a bigger deal out of being stung? Laura did... flailing her arms around and yelling at the bees to leave Betty White alone. It was quite the entertaining scene! Betty White ended up no worse for wear—she was given some Benadryl and observed for any reactions and headed back out for another survey an hour later. 

  • All Paws In. While the Finders don’t necessarily believe in the Easter bunny or Santa Claus, they sure appreciate all the humans and dogs who came out to the Santa photo fundraising event at The Hounds & Tap and Easter egg hunt event at Central Bark Brookfield. We're grateful for the support of these two corporate sponsors who are making a positive impact to fulfill our mission. 

  • The Elder Ladies. Our two oldest Finders - Alva and Harriet - spent some of their year complaining about getting older to one another. Both of these fine ladies turn 10-years old in 2024 and will begin their transition from fieldwork gigs to ambassador roles with the organization. Don't worry, they'll still be getting plenty of treats, playtime, and recreational sniffing opportunities. Special thanks to Kclayphotos for capturing these two beauties during a recent photoshoot.

Continue reading to learn more about the many celebrations of 2023 and what's ahead in 2024!

Nosey by Nature

Our heart and soul lies with the work we do with our incredibly talented Finders, their Keepers, and the staff that supports their efforts every day. Thanks to your support, we had our busiest field work season ever in 2023!

Highlights from the 2023 season:

  • We spent 50% more days conducting fieldwork for our bumblebee nest program, compared to 2022.

  • We added 4 more program partners across multiple states to support our Finder-Keeper teams.

  • We increased our Finder-Keeper teams by 3x to support our growth with the New Zealand mudsnail program.

  • We delivered 365 days' worth of treats, ball tosses, and jumps for joy with each Finder.

  • We connected with over 50,000 new friends over social media - Check out the video reel below!


Wag-worthy Progress

Like you, we envision a world where conservation is advancing our planet’s health and we’re working towards that goal one “wet nose” at a time! In 2023, thanks to your support, our team made some incredibly wag-worth progress. 


Conservation Dogs Collective is built on the incredible power of our Finders’ noses, and we want to encourage this sniff-tastic method for advancing conservation! In 2023, after years in the making, we launched the first-of-its-kind conservation dog team Project Record and Guide Book to meet the needs of this growing field in conservation. Our unique publication has shipped all over the world—from the Midwest US, Australia, Scotland, and Italy! Described by professionals as a “game-changer” and as “exactly what’s been missing,” this resource will serve to advance conservation throughout the world.

As a loyal supporter of Conservation Dogs Collective, you know that community is important to us! We joined dog-loving, planet-passionate folks from more than 20 organizations to share our successes in 2023.

What We’re Sniffing Next

In 2024, we're keeping the momentum to revolutionize conservation efforts! We're excited to announce our partnerships with Georgia Southern University, Virginia Tech, and Endicott College. Each partner will be providing expertise and direction to bring more research and professionalism to our work. By collaborating with experts nationwide, we're ensuring our work benefits not only our organization, but also other conservation dog groups.

To meet the growing awareness of our services, we'll welcome additional Finder-Keeper teams and other support staff to our exceptional roster. With their unique skills and dedication, our team continues to set the standard for excellence in conservation dog world, bringing a diverse and passionate set of experiences.

At the core of our organization is a commitment to advancing the welfare of working dogs. With our noses to the ground and our sights set on the horizon, we're pushing the envelope of what's needed for the emotional and physical health of the canines in our care. By prioritizing the well-being of our canine co-workers, we're setting a new standard for how conservation efforts should be conducted. 

This year, and beyond, we're committed to fostering a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future for our planet and its precious wildlife.

Image by Ayla Verschueren

Thank you for helping us advance conservation, one wet nose at a time!

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