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The Louise Bulowicz Memorial

Celebrating a life full of love, determination and a healthy dose of sass.

Image by Jason Leung
Image by Anna Meshkov

There is no easy way to showcase all the wonderful complexities that made up Louise and her life. She overcame a lot, more than most people could even imagine, but never let that stop her determination and focus to keep going to the next thing on her list of things to do or try. 


She loved education, being creative, sharing time with her dogs, and volunteering in her community. Whether she was aiding her Special Education students in the classroom, learning quilting, scouring the garden centers for flowers, diving her nose into a good book, or being a tour guide at Miller Park for the Brewers, Louise never hesitated to offer a helping hand to others. She gave back every single day she could. 

Louise loved her dogs, Darby, Dickens and Monty.  When she got the chance to tag along to one of their nosework training classes it was a highlight in her week and she fondly named the dogs of Conservation Dogs Collective the "Sniffy Dogs." Our organization is honored to continue Louise's legacy by working alongside our best friends, our Canine Finders, to preserve Mother Nature.

Next time you see a butterfly, or find a beautiful flower that catches your eye, remember Louise. Her love for flowers was never ending. 

Please visit the Schaff Funeral Home website for the full obituary and details for services:


The Louise Bulowicz Memorial

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